Monday, October 16, 2006

History repeats itself and how??

Well I knew that history always repated itself. However, I never realised that it could even repeat in some matters which are as silly as clothes. Let me begin with the history and then come to how it repeated itself.
The history- I must have been four years old when my mother and I had gone shopping. We went to a shop which we used to haunt often. After a lot of looking, my mom chose a yellow coloured "middy" for me. There was another piece of the same "middy" but it was blue in colour. As blue was my favourite colour at that time, I promptly chose the blue one.
My mom felt that the blue was a little too gaudy and she asked me to take the yellow one. However, stubborn that I was, I insisted on having the yellow middy. Me and my mom argued for nearly 30 mins. Finally, my exasperated mom just brought the yellow "middy" and dragged me out of the shop. I was so hurt, that I refused to wear the dress. I remember telling my mom that I would just burn the dress rather than wear it. In the end, my mom had to boost my ego to make me wear the dress. She made me wear the frock and made me stand in front of the full length mirror. She said that I looked very pretty in it. I guess only after that I got convinced that frock was really good.

Now coming to how the history repeated itself. It happend before my engagement. As per the custom, the engagement sarree is given to the girl by the in-laws. My mother-in -law had brought two sarrees one was a yellow one with red border and the other one was blue in colour. My mom- in- law asked me to choose one among the two. I somehow felt the blue sarree was brighter than the yellow one and I said I wanted the blue one. But then again, my MIL asked me to take the yellow one. I again stood by the blue sarree. My MIL finally agreed. After a few days when my mom had been to visit my in laws. There, my MIL showed both the sarrees to my mom and asked her to choose. As usual, my mom also liked the yellow one. And then again, I was made to take the yellow sarree. I wore the sarree on my engagement. Everyone appreciated it. And yes. It did boost my ego!!! These days I'm beginning to doubt my selections. So much for history repeating itself!!! HUMPH

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strange but true

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Life is not worth living until you have someone to die for
And life is not worth dying once you have someone to live for!!!
Strange. Is'nt it?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello Folks!!! I'm back after a long break again :-)

I've been quite busy since the 23rd of September. With S leaving for Nairobi on the 29th and My mom and my Sis visiting and my Grandfather's ill health. Thankfully everything has fallen in place now. My Grandfather is feeling much better and S has settled in Nairobi.

My days between 23rd Sep to 30th Sep were quite hectic as I to manage my time with S as well as my mom, Sis and grandparents. I was out with S most of the time. It was either Packing or Shopping. Whew!! I had never shopped at Jayanagar so much as I did with him. Since I have never travelled abroad, I did'nt know how it all worked. So I could not be of much help to S while he was packing. However, it was quite learning experience.

I had read some where that Departure was a Sweet Sorrow and I came to know what it was when I seeing him off at the airport. He just looked at me in the eye and said "bye" and was gone. All of a sudden the long conversations and the lunches and dinners came to a stand still. These days it's just two SMS' or an e-mail a day. It's difficult to manage that.

Apart from all these things, what really made me feel very bad was that I could not spend enough time with my mom and sis when they were here. How could I when I was away from 11:00 am to 11:00 Pm? But this is something that I would regreat as all the three of us are miles away from each other. I hope that I get another chance where I can spend atleast a week with both of them.
A lot of people are asking me about my marriage. Well, there are two dates that are set. One is on the 30th of Nov and the other is on the 15-Feb-2007. So it all depends on how soon S would settle in his job and how soon he would get leaves. So ultimately, my marriage rests on him.
That about it now. I will try and update my blog as regularly as possible. ;-) CIAO!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Life after engagement.

I apologize for not having able to post anything since my engagement as life has not been the same both personally and professionally. My grand father is suffering from Allergic Bronchitis and even work has become very hectic.

Coming to my engagement ceremony, it went very well. There were about 130 guests some whom I knew very well. Some who were just aquaintances, some who were introduced but are now forgotten. And yes, I did'nt goof up on anything thing as I had thought. Infact, I felt very confident and very composed somehow. However, at the end of it me and S were both tired and ecstatic. S said that it was love that was arranged for him. All in all it was great fun.

My life is not the same after my engagement. It is not as carefree as it used to be. Now I have to manage being at two places at the same time. I seem to be spending all my weekends at his place more than mine. I have not taken a walk or seen a hindi movie since I met him. I mentioned this to S and he said that if I had to take a walk then it would be to his place. It was then that feeling of being engaged really hit me. I have nothing to complain about this. If I was taking walks alone earlier, today I ride the bike with him. If was watching a hindi masala movie earlier, I am watching a romantic classic with him today. The only thing that really bothers me is that I've still not got used to depend on him. It is definitely taking a lot of effort for me to depend on someone whom I've known for just a month now. I guess I will have to work harder on that.
Even S is leaving to Nairobi on 28th of September and boy I've already started missing him. We are trying to spend as much time as possible with each other. I wish we both could have gone together. However, this separation is something that both of us have to face. If anything it is for a better future. But still, four and a half months seems to be too long. Way too long. I really don't know how I'm gonna manage this. But I don't see any other go. I hope I would be able to manage with the 10 minute conversation every week and an e-mail a day from him. SHUKS!!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thought for the day

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So much to do in so little time

With my engagement just round the corner (03-Sep-2006), I feel that my life has tuned topsy turvy. Even though the hall and the caterers have been booked, and the invitations have already gone out, there is still so much more to do apart from that. I have'nt shopped for my fiance's clothes, and for the things required for the engagement ceremony. Even, my Saree is not ready as yet. All of a sudden, I'm finding 24hrs to be very less in a day.
On top of this, I'm already nervous about the engagement ceremony as I'm not aware of all the traditional protocols involved. Yesterday, my grandmother was telling me some of the things that I should be aware during the ceremony. Like I should put my right leg forward when stepping the pedestal, etc. etc which made me all the more nervous. To top it all I have the fear that I might drop the ring and goof up the whole thing. Shuks!!! What a worry wort I am. I was telling S that we would have to Rehearse our engagement before the D-day. I'm just praying that the whole thing will work out fine.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes